Horseback riding

With horseback riding in Zagorohoria, you will fill your experiences from the area and we with the photos, we will take care of your memories. Horses are all trained and trained with the world, looking for caresses and love wherever possible. The routes include easy and comfortable routes for beginners and equestrian experts, near the […]

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Rafting is a group riding downhill sport with an inflatable boat. The crew consists of a professional river guide and 6-12 rowers, depending on the size of the boat, which is determined by the degree of difficulty of the river and the amount of its water. The experienced driver on the boat guides the crew […]

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1200px Hanggliding03042006

Hang Gliding

Hang gliding is an aerobics, hobby, employment, passive experience, or even a profession in which the man pilots the hang glider (Aet). It may be for recreational purposes or in the context of an air racing match. Although it began as a simple landslide from low hills with low-performance eagles, hang gliding has evolved so […]

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Vikos Aoos 2

Vikos Aoos Geopark

Geopark’s area occupies the north-western part of the Regional Unity of Ioannina in the Region of Epirus and more specifically the majority of the Municipalities of Zagori and Konitsa. In the area dominate the high mountains of North Pindos: Tymphi, Smolikas, Trapezitsa and Nemertsika, as well as other smaller ones. The rivers of the area […]

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